Bodegas Botani 2014 Moscato - Muscat White Wine

Bodegas Botani 2014 Moscato - Muscat...

White Wine by Bodegas Botani from Spain. Pale straw color. Fresh, fragrant and mature, brimming with the aroma of Muscat grape, apple, mandarin orange and a pinch of wilted flowers. On the palate it is fruity and dry, with notes of.

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Bodegas Botani 2014 Sparkling Muscat - Champagne and Sparkling

Bodegas Botani 2014 Sparkling Muscat...

Non-Vintage by Bodegas Botani from Spain. For centuries, the beautiful floral bouquets using bunches of jasmine, have been sold in the streets of Malaga. Each flower is inserted carefully one by one, to form a perfect cluster. Sparkling.

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